Research Interest

  • Medical Trauma
  • Pediatric Psychology
  • Posttraumatic Growth
  • Solid Organ Transplant
  • Treatment Adherence


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Psychosocial predictors of medication non-adherence in pediatric organ transplantation: A systematic review.
Killian MO, Schuman DL, Mayersohn GS, Triplett KN Pediatr Transplant 2018 Apr e13188
Adolescents with suspected intentional overdose: Ethical considerations in determining liver transplant candidacy.
Triplett, K.N., Mayersohn, G.S., Pelley, W., & Desai, D.M. Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology 2018
Trajectories of posttraumatic growth and associated characteristics in women with breast cancer.
Danhauer, S. C., Russell, G., Case, L. D., Sohl, S. J., Tedeschi, R., Addington, E. L., Triplett, K., Van Zee K.J., Naftalis, E.Z., Levine, B., & Avis, N. E. Annals of Behavioral Medicine 2015 5 49 650-659
A longitudinal investigation of posttraumatic growth in adult patients undergoing treatment for acute leukemia.
Danhauer SC, Russell GB, Tedeschi RG, Jesse MT, Vishnevsky T, Daley K, Carroll S, Triplett KN, Calhoun LG, Cann A, Powell BL J Clin Psychol Med Settings 2013 Mar 20 1 13-24
Predictors of posttraumatic growth in women with breast cancer.
Danhauer, S.C., Case, D.L., Tedeschi, R.G., Russell, G.B., Vishnevsky, T., Triplett, K.N., Ip, E. H., & Avis, N. E. Psycho-Oncology 2013 22 2676-2683
Assessing posttraumatic cognitive processes: the Event Related Rumination Inventory.
Cann A, Calhoun LG, Tedeschi RG, Triplett KN, Vishnevsky T, Lindstrom CM Anxiety Stress Coping 2011 Mar 24 2 137-56
Posttraumatic growth, meaning in life, and life satisfaction in response to life stressors.
Triplett, K. N., Tedeschi, R. G., Cann, A., Calhoun, L. G. & Reeve, C. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice and Policy 2011 13 521-527
A short form of the Posttraumatic Growth Inventory.
Cann A, Calhoun LG, Tedeschi RG, Taku K, Vishnevsky T, Triplett KN, Danhauer SC Anxiety Stress Coping 2010 23 2 127-37


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